Reviews of Little Leah Lou and Her Pink Tu


“We received this adorable book in the mail a little while ago called Little Leah Lou and Her Pink Tu. Of course Bug wanted me to read it to her right away. It looked a little long (for her…she has the attention span of a goldfish when it comes to books) but not only did she sit & listen to the whole book, she asked me to read it again (and again, and again)! “


“Not that many books are able to communicate the concept of making the best of a situation as adeptly as Teasha Seitz

*Similarly, I was happy to see storybook parents keeping their sense of humor during a potential catastrophe  (in toddler terms) — I could envision myself taking the same approach if it happened to our family.”


“The story is fast paced. The vocabulary is age appropriate as a read aloud or for those early readers. The illustrations are adorable. I have already had to read this story to my daughter four times. She loves the bright colors and the big, bold print.”


“Little Leah Lou and her Pink Tu is a cute children’s book. I really liked the author’s sense of humor. Even though it’s a children’s book, I got a couple chuckles out of it.”


“My daughter and I just loved Little Leah Lou and her Pink Tu. The illustrations are so cheerful and detailed. It’s a great book to read out loud, too. And it has an excellent message to “roll with it” and “think outside the box”, instead of letting a mishap get you down. A great lesson for little girls!”


“This is a really lovely storybook for pre-schoolers and infant age children; great to share and discuss, fun to read.

It’s bright, beautifully-illustrated, with an engaging story and interesting characters. The author plays cleverly with words and sounds to make the narrative bounce along, which is perfect for early-school-age children who are learning to read or exploring language.
The real brilliance of the book is the story itself. Little Leah Lou has a problem in the zoo but finds a way to cope. This would be fantastic for discussing feelings and how to cope with setbacks.”


“As a mother of my own “Little Leah Lou”, I adore this message of optimism in this book. As a language arts teacher, I love the structure and plot of the book. Kudos to Teasha for sending a message to young readers to not quit. Kudos to Jean for gorgeous illustrations that keep readers and non-readers turning the pages of this poignant tale.”