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Press Release 7/16/12: About the Author

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Teasha Seitz, Bio:

Writer Teasha Seitz has always adored a good story. She enjoys sharing and discovering stories with children, so she writes humorous books designed to entertain, enlighten, and encourage young readers. She does not limit herself to words found in a dictionary but her meanings are quite clear. Teasha lives in Ohio and consumes copious amounts of Coca-Cola.

Review sample:

Little Leah Lou and Her Pink Tu is packed with colorful, graphic illustrations of movement and life that catches children’s attention. The text bounces along with fun to read out loud words and phrases that introduce a playful young heroine who loves to wear her pink tutu everywhere she goes. When she wears her tutu to the zoo she encounters a giraffe with the munchies and is left with half a tutu. Her solution to her tutu tragedy will both surprise and amuse readers and wins her the admiration of the zoo’s flashiest residents.  The story is told using a parallel structure to deliver an optimistic message that teaches children to think creatively to solve problems, to have the courage to be themselves and how the best way to handle disappointment is to focus on the positive. Little girls everywhere can relate to the title character and the story is realistically believable. Fans give the book the best review possible –requesting it be read again.

Jean Ditslear, Bio
Illustrator of Little Leah Lou and Her Pink Tu:

Jean and Teasha met as children in Ohio. Ditslear settled in Colorado and co-founded her own design agency, Red Wall Communications. Her illustration style is whimsical, colorful and graphic. She takes excellent direction from her toughest art critics – her two kids.