The Seitz family moved to Moraine in December of 2002. Brett and Teasha were expecting their second child and Leah was two. They needed more room for their growing family and felt fortunate to find a house in Moraine that had everything they’d been looking for in a house.

Living in Moraine has provided wonderful experiences for the family. They’ve often used the scenic bike trail that follows the river, taking full advantage of family outings made possible by Moraine’s Parks and Recreation Department. Their daughters both learned to swim through the Red Cross sponsored swim lessons at Splash Moraine and the girls found friends and academic challenge in Moraine’s public school. They’ve come to anticipate the various festivals and activities throughout the year.

Teasha believes reading is an essential tool, which is why she had volunteered with the Ohio Reads program. During her work with the program she often brought books to read aloud. Teasha has always loved stories and wanted to share her favorites. Teasha is also a writer and she sees storytelling as an opportunity to give back. She writes stories designed to entertain, enlighten and encourage young readers; fun-to-read aloud books with universal appeal for four- to eight- year olds and the adults who read to them. She creatively coins terms not found in a dictionary but her meanings are clear.

Now Teasha Seitz is self-publishing her debut children’s picture book with her illustration partner, Jean Ditslear. Available in September on Amazon.com, Little Leah Lou and Her Pink Tu introduces a spunky girl who figures out that disappointment needn’t be more than a passing phase and perception is the key to happiness. Like little girls everywhere, little Leah Lou is obsessed with playing princess and wears her pink tutu wherever she goes. But when she wears her tutu to the zoo, she encounters a giraffe with the munchies and is left with just half a tutu. Her solution to her tutu tragedy will surprise and amuse young readers and wins little Leah Lou the admiration of one of the zoo’s flashiest residents.